[Skill Design] – Sanada Yukimura

Name: Sanada Yukimura
Role: Tank
Weapon: Glove Type
Armor: Heavy Armor

Technique: Sanada Warrior
(Consumed Stamina)
Effect: Pounce up and taunts a target over by inflicting damage.

Pic: Yukimura jumps toward an enemy.

A taunting skill that forces an enemy instantly turn around to attack Yukimura.
The skill itself doesn’t need a lot of stamina and is very effective when there are fewer enemies in the battle field.
As the skill level goes up, the required stamina slowly goes down, make it very useful even if in the end game.
Using this skill gives Yukimura the best single target taunting ability in the game.

Don’t spam or hammer it. Leave some stamina for when enemies are attacking others.
Team up with Okuni. Her technique rises the overall taunting ability of Yukimura.

Spell: Red Defense
(Consumed Mana)
Effect: Grip one’s shield in a defending position and temporarily block all attacks.

Pic: Yukimura is immune to an enemy’s attack.

It’s the best self defence skill in the game. It keeps Yukimura from taking any damage for a short time.
This is a very powerful skill. It lets Yukimura survive even if facing the brutal force of a boss or lots of enemies at once.
This makes Yukimura the least subject to damage since his character attributes aren’t the best.

This skill has a rather long cool down time so keep it for emergency situations.
If you’re facing enemies with brutal force, let Yukimura handle it. Use this skill wisely.
This skill also removes any debuffs on Yukimura. You can active it to remove “fear” or “stun”.

Matsuhime: Is it because you’re like the flag during a bullfight?

Yukimura is the first tank character and you’ll have to let him stay in the party for a while. Which means players will be very familiar to him as a tank.
He’s not perfect though. When facing lots of enemies, it’s hard for Yukimura to make situation in control alone. There are other tanks in the game which may suit this kind of situation better.
But still, Yukimura is a good option for tanking bosses, which means players will like him very much.

His skill is simple and intuitive. We want player to easily understand what he’s capable of and to maintain his image as the very best warrior in Japanese history.
He will face tens of thousand enemies alone if needed. We hope our design matches his abilities well.

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