[Skill Design] – Takeda Matsuhime

Name: Takeda Matsuhime
Role: Attacker
Weapon: Bracer Type
Armor: Light Armor

Technique: Triple Shot
(Consumed Stamina)
Effect: Shoot 3 arrows at a target to inflict great damage.
Triggers [Soulcrush]: Instantly kills all summoned creatures.

Pic: The arrows shot out of Matsu’s quiver.

A single target powerful damage skill is probably all you want when killing enemies.
This is the most effective single target damage skill in the game. Consider it if you want to do a lot of
damage while using a limited amount of stamina. It even gets stronger after you upgrade your gear in the later game.
The skill lets Matsuhime become an MVP in most boss levels.

The skill is effective with live/mana steal gears.
The skill is effective with stamina regeneration gears.

Spell: Arrow Inferno
(Consumed Mana)
Effect: The Takeda ultimate skill. Cast a shower of arrows which inflict AOE damage
and remove one buff around a single target.

Pic: Rockets!

This is the most powerful AOE skill in the game, though you’ll need some luck to hit all enemies.
This skill also removes a buff of enemies which has been hit, this is key to winning some boss fights near the end of the game.
Matsuhime has a naturally high ATK attribute. Along with this skill, she becomes the most powerful killer in the game.

It requires a fair amount of mana to use this skill. Don’t spend too many skill points on it if you don’t have enough mana regeneration gears.
Use it at the start of a fight to gain max effect.
Using Sushi to restore mana can be a good choice in some situations.


As the main character of the story and a good archer, we want her skills to be simple and effective. Also we feel giving them visual impact will please the players.

Matsuhime’s best attribute is the ability to cripple enemies at the beginning of a fight. Matsu’s attack AI always lets her target the weakest enemy in sight. With two of the most simple and powerful attack skills, she becomes the most fearsome attacker in game.

Since she possesses powerful single target damage and remove buffs, the player will want to use her in boss fights during the later stages of the game.

Matsuhime is a little willfulness in the story, so we design her skill to reflect the return of her noble image.
She’s actually a well trained archer and also a good fighter of the Takeda clan.

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