[Skill Design] – Izumo Okuni

Name: Izumo Okuni
Role: Supporter
Weapon: Hook jade Type
Armor: Light Armor

Technique: Gracious Will
(Consumed Stamina)
Effect: Bless all team members by restoring stamina and remove a single debuff effect for each.

Pic: Go! More arrows!

By restoring stamina your team gets more chance to use their techniques. This makes your tanks more taunting and your attackers do more damage.
It is also the only way to instance restore stamina in the game, which make it important in strategy.
This skill will also become more important in the end of the game since there will be more situations you’ll need to cure debuffs.

Cast it when your team’s stamina isn’t full to gain max restore effect.
When needed, keep it until enemy debuffs appear.

Spell: Peaceful Realm
(Consumed Mana)
Effect: Restores HP for a single team member with the lowest health.

Pic: As good as a new!

This is a powerful single target healing skill, which almost fill everyone’s health in one shot.
With low mana cost and a small CD, it will be the most familiar healing skill for players.
It’s also the best bet to let your tanker survive from powerful boss attacks during the later stages.
As the skill level goes up, the CD decrease. This makes it possible for the skill to be cast rapidly after reaching higher levels.

Okuni will always heal the teammate who has the least health.
Leave sushi for Okuni. She’ll sometimes need it for healing.

Okuni: Well Shinto shrines don’t really make a lot of money so…
Okuni is the only healer before you get Asahina so you’ll have her in your party for a while. And her healing skill grow more important after you starting to face bosses with powerful attack.
Needless to say, her stamina restore / cure debuff ability is almost irreplaceable, especially when fighting enemies who cast powerful debuffs. There are two characters who can cure debuffs in the game and Okuni is one of them.

If you had read the story you know Okuni is actually a god. She prefers others to solve problems for her.
In designing Matsihime we wanted to give her generic all around skills. These skills are useful in most situations but she will still need the support of her team for the ultimate success.

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