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Yes, NGUI can become transparent and blur

After receiving several email asking for an alternative version of blurred UI plugin for NGUI. We decide to try re-implement the trick on NGUI.

And finally it’s here. NBlur – a blurred UI plugin specifically designed for NGUI.

2015-06-25 20_13_41-Unity Personal (64bit) - Big.unity - projectNBlur - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_


Specially designed for NGUI. You can actually use NBlur on any NGUI object which has a UIWidget!

As easy as UBlur – no coding require. Actually, they are almost the same! Just two clicks away and your NGUI become transparent and blur.

2015-06-26 17_41_52-Unity Personal (64bit) - Demo.unity - projectNBlur - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone

Tested and run on multiple platforms. iOS / Android / WP8.1 / Desktop.


Setup the correct hierarchy

NGUI has a different design from UGUI. Which makes setting up NBlur a little bit different from setting up UBlur.
In order to sort your blurred UI correctly, you need to separate your UI and background in different panels, layers and rendered them in different cameras.

The main difference with UBlur is, in NBlur you need extra layers to sort UIs and image effects correctly, in UBlur you can do them all in the same layer. Which is due to the natural limitation of NGUI.

Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. Here’s a quick screenshot guide for you:


Pro tip: For keep your UI’s depth order correct make sure to separate them in different panels, different layers.

And rendered them in different cameras and have their depth difference by 2.


Scripting NBlur is identical to scripting UBlur.
Just follow this link to see UBlur scripting guide and replace all keyword “UBlur” to “NBlur”.

That’s all.
If you have an idea or would like to comment, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

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